Sonia – Now I’m Without You

It won’t happen twice
If only we’d try
I’m out in the cold
You’re the one for me
Like a fool I didn’t see it
In my mind I thought I saw it
Oh, why did I doubt you
Why can’t we be back there again
Don’t you know things could be better
I pushed you away
My jealousy rising
Wait and see
Wait and see

And it’s the nights that hurt the most
I’ll never know why you said goodbye

Now I’m without you
Or why did I doubt you

‘Cos you know things will be better
Now I gotta say that those were the days
You’re the one for me
Wait for me
I need you to hold

There’s something about you
Forever and ever
Now I’m without you
Your love was for me
That’s a part of me
Oh, we used to be so close
You cheating on me

Now I’m without you

I let you go now I paid the price
Repeat Chorus (2x)
Oh, I was suspicious and I felt the pain


Wait for me
Repeat Chorus to fade
You’re all that I need
Don’t make me come begging
I miss you so badly